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pissed off, infuriated, contemplative, irritated, hot
~ Supernatural Stories ~
Hope springs eternal Trilogie

Faraway (Teil 1 der Trilogie)
Dean, Sam
Classification: h/c und etwas humor
Rating: T
Wordcount: ca 50.000
Warnings: Spoiler Season 2 bis etwa Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Disclaimer: Natürlich gehört mir weder Dean noch Sam noch John, aber ich hab sie mir trotzdem ein wenig zum Spielen ausgeborgt ;)
Summary: Eine Vision führ Sam und Dean ins Hinterland, wo sie nicht nur auf eine neue Verbündete, sondern auch einen ungewöhnlichen Job stoßen. Anfang/Mitte Season 2; Hurt!Dean, Limp!Sam

English Stories (>5k words)


Characters: Dean, Sam (, Bobby)
Classification: h/c, angst 
Rating: T
Wordcount: 15092
Warnings: slight Spoiler for Season 2
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a few sick!plotbunnys
Summary: When Sam woke up it was cold inside the impala and Dean was gone. He found him moments later lying motionless on the concrete. What had happened? Stuck on an empty road in the middle of nowhere with a sabotaged car, a poisoned and spacy brother and a madman who was determined to kill them slowly, Sam has to figure out a way to rescue his remaining family.  (Mid Season 2)

Illegitimi non carborundum
Characters: Castiel, Jimmy, Dean, Sam
Classification: h/c
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~15.000
Warnings: Spoiler for Season 4 (AU from 4.10)
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a few sick!plotbunnys
Summary: After Anna had recovered her grace all were gone. The demons, the angels. Only Jimmy remained. When the brothers leared Alistair had injured Castiel and now he might be dying, Sam knew his brother would move heaven and earth to save him. Because Dean too was affected. Not by Alistair but by the angel, Sam noticed aghast

Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sam
Classification: h/c, humor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No spoilers for Season 5
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a few sick!plotbunnys
Timeframe: straight after 4.22 (what might be Season 5 already), Sequel to Reunion
Teaser: "Christo?" Sam didn't flinch. But he did snort.


~ RPF ~
Characters:Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Classification: h/c 
Rating: T
Wordcount: not finished, yet
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a few sick!plotbunnys
Summary: Neither Jensen Ackles nor Jared Padalecki are at their best form at Asylum 2009. But Jensen's recent eye surgery makes it a bit harder than planned... sick!Jensen, worried!Jared, non slash!

~ Warcraft Stories ~
On thin ice
The Ambush (Part 1)
Classification: h/c and a bit of a conspiracy
Rating: T
Wordcount: ca 10.000
Warnings: Spoiler for "Day of the Dragon"
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing, just doodling around
Summary: A red dragon is attacked by two of the blue flight and a dwafen family tries to help a wounded elf. But nothing is what it seems and friendly hands might become a deathly danger while another dragon flies a race against time.

Decoy (Part 2)
Classification: h/c and a bit of a conspiracy
Rating: T
Wordcount: not finished, yet
Warnings: Spoiler for "Day of the Dragon"
Disclaimer: I do not own Korialstrasz, Alexstrasza or the world of Warcraft, just trying to tell a story
Summary: Someone is paying lots of money for captives - draconic captives. Krasus and Marelnestrasz have to discover the backers with the help of young Jaja. But their roles aren't written in stone: decoy becomes captive and watchdogs change to liberators

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OH!Yo also wrote Wow stories? me too, i have a fic about Sylvanas posted in a forum, but is totally in spanish, meaby i should transalte it.

I'm liking the story presented in Ambush, i hope to see it finished soon :D, i havent read day of the dragon, is necesary to understand the upcoming plot?

i'm trying to draw a Castiel, check my page :)

now i'm going to check all these stories, im liking your style ;D

I believe Day of the Dragon is the first book featuring Korialstrasz/Krasus but otherwise it is not necessary to understand the stories.

I plan on continuing the story as soon as I have read the next Knaak book about Korialstrasz (Night of the Dragon?)

I wrote Everquest, too. But that's german ...

(Deleted comment)

Re: понравилось

Sorry, not able to speak/read Russian :(

Volevo solo fare un commento per dirle che sono felice di aver trovato il vostro blog. Grazie.


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